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Co-Creation and Value-Creation
Co-Creation and Value-Creation. Through the example of creating a popular event, the video discusses the need of companies to promote the co-creation as an initiative to provide value. The video was created using PowToon (http://www.powtoon.com). If you have proved useful this video, SUBSCRIBE to the channel! You can also follow me on: - Twitter: https://twitter.com/neusoler - SlideShare: http://es.slideshare.net/neuSoler
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Brand Co-Creation
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Marketing Mondays: Brand Co-Creation (Ep 08)
Brand co-creation is an effective way of evolving your brand in a way that includes your consumers and makes them feel appreciated. Can your company start co-creating with your customers? Find out how in this week's #ICoMM video.
FRONTEER - What is Co-creation?
COMPANIES AND ORGANISATIONS are searching for tools to help them win their day-to-day battles. They are faced with increasingly challenging questions: where to find future growth? How to deal with the risk of commoditisation? How to innovate from the core? How to get - or stay - connected with customers? Our clients ask us: can co-creation provide the answer? Our answer: Yes it can, but as with many other solutions, co-creation will only truly deliver if it's done properly. Co-creation is more than just a tool; it is a program of change. With 8 years of lead-user co-creation experience, Fronteer Strategy has identified a few strong recommendations to anyone wanting to venture out into this area. This video is an abstract of our white paper, in which we identify different types of co-creation (suitable for different types of challenges), present 5 guiding principles for success and discuss the value of co-creation. --------------- FRONTEER is a creative strategy agency based in Amsterdam. We specialise in Innovation, Brand Development & Co-creation by exploring the boundaries of companies and organisations that are global leaders in Communications, FMCG, Financial Services, Consumer Electronics, Internet Services and Consumer Durables. Find more about us on Fronteer.amsterdam --------------- THIS MOVIE was produced by Mark Bremerkamp - one of our brilliant interns and also owner of CLIPTIJGERS.
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What is Co-Creation?
AE Marketing Manager, Alexa Jackson, discusses the elements necessary to start a co-creation project at your company in this Marketing Minute. This video helps executives who are unfamiliar with co-creation or are familiar with the term and are considering implementing a CoCreation strategy. Don’t forget to subscribe! Check out our website: https://aemarketinggroup.com Follow Us Around INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/AEMG_Insta TWITTER: http://bit.ly/AEMG_TwitterHandle FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/AEMG_FacebookPage Read the ​transcript below and subscribe to see all our helpful videos. Thanks for watching. Hi, I’m Alexa and this is a Marketing Minute on co-creation. Co-creation is a buzzword these days, in fact, a recent IBM global research study showed 61% of leading CMOs are using co-creation and it is having a huge impact on their businesses. Companies like J-Crew, BMW, Network Health, Dominos, and more are using co-creation as a strategic advantage to to give everyone - employees, customers, and non customers - a seat at the design table to build better products, services, and experiences - together. Since 2013, AE has guided companies along their co-creation journey - so you may be wondering, what are the elements necessary to start a co-creation project at your company? Here are 5 that matter to us: For starters, co-creation takes vulnerability. That means your brand must be willing to venture out into the market and engage with consumers to hear the good and the bad about your company, its employees, and your own industry. However, it’s not enough to simply hear what consumers have to say – you must also be listening to what the market tells you, and then act on it. Next your brand must provide clear and consistent communication with your employees and external partners to set proper expectations around roles, responsibilities and possible outcomes from the process. Co-creation requires you to provide customers and at times, non-customers ownership, by giving them a seat at the design table. By bringing these consumers inside the walls of your organization to work hand-in-hand with your employees, you will create a meaningful partnership. Now, every brand’s co-creation journey may be different, but there is one thing that must be consistent – and that’s commitment. Because, in the eyes of a consumer, there is nothing worse today than a company that makes a promise it doesn’t end up following through on. So to review, there are five necessary elements for your brand before embarking upon a co-creation journey of your own: vulnerability, listening, communication, partnership, and commitment. If you are interested in co-creating with us, check out our website and contact us. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you again next week.
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Value Creation | How To Create Value Of Your Product | Hindi | Marketing Series | Marketing Topics
Let's Make Your Business Digital With Lapaas. Join Our Most Advanced Digital Marketing Course. That will cover 23 Modules of Business And Digital Marketing like SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing , Digital Identity Creation, blogging, advanced analytics, blogging, video production, Photoshop, business Knowhow, etc To Know More Call +919540065704 or Visit https://lapaas.com/ Lapaas - Best Digital Marketing Institute 455 Shahbad Daulatpur, Delhi-110042 Nearest Metro Station Samaypur Badli Or Rithala Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/IntellectualIndies Twitter: https://twitter.com/Intellectualins Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IntellectualIndies Facebook Myself: https://www.facebook.com/princesahilkhanna Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/intellectualindies/ Website: sahilkhanna.in About : Intellectual Indies is a YouTube Channel, Intellectual Indies is all about improving Mentally, Emotionally, Psychologically, Spiritually & Physically. #Marketing #Marketing101 #GrowBusiness
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Co-Creation: Does it work?
Co-creation, which in marketing terms is the concept of encouraging consumers of a brand to contribute to the creation of new strategies for that brand, whether it be innovation, communication or whatever. Andy Rice shares his views on whether he feels it is a sensible way to ensure that brands achieve consumer relevance, or whether it is simply a way of hiring cheap labour. Expect examples from Dominos Pizza, Lego, Converse and Doritos.
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What makes a truly great logo
Here's how a simple mark ends up meaning something big as a great logo. Joe Posner, and Michael Bierut (designer of the Hillary Clinton logo) explain. For more from Michael Bierut on graphic design, check out his book "How to use graphic design to sell things, explain things, make things look better, make people laugh, cry, and (every once in a while) change the world": http://www.amazon.com/How-Michael-Bierut/dp/0062413902 Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO About once a month, there's a new logo to fight about on the internet. The biggest one in recent memory was the highly controversial Hillary Clinton logo, which did not escape scrutiny from Vox.com either. But as a designer/filmmaker, something about these repeated discussions struck me as missing the point on what makes logos tick. It often has little to do with the subjective musings. So I called up Michael Bierut, the designer of that Hillary Clinton logo and countless others. He sat down with me and helped explain the elements of a great logo in the video above. Vox.com is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out http://www.vox.com to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app. Check out our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/IZONyE Follow Vox on Twitter: http://goo.gl/XFrZ5H Or on Facebook: http://goo.gl/U2g06o
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How to manifest ideas in co-creation | Teresa Distelberger | TEDxDonauinsel
An ode to the co-creative power of muses, midwives and gardeners. In the manifestation of great ideas, the crucial qualities of people who are holding space, supporting and nurturing along the way often seem to be invisible. But watch out! Even your listening can be a creative act. Muses, Midwives and Gardeners, who inspired and supported this talk: (in order of intensity) Mathias Haas Alexandra Corbu Pia Hofmann Lejla Abazovic Renato Dornelas Sotschi Narula Stefan Sarflinger Iva Shokoska Indré Telksnyté Kathrin Fox Dorothea Ziegler Belinda James Nicole Scherg Marietta Schneider Anna Heringer Thomas Hübl Karoline Wibmer Giselle Charbonnier Elizabeth Komala Sunder Gregor Steinmaurer Lisa Joswiakowski Gabriele Schwarz Peter König Sylvia Brenzel Sandro Langholz Katya Buchleitner Mila Buchleitner Markus Spitzer Mario / Feather Margarete Distelberger Markus Distelberger Ulrike Prochazka Adriana Gonzalez Nava Sascha Tscherni Rita Trattnigg Ira Mollay Animation: Lily Ammann Graphic Support: Fatima Mersdovnig Teresa is a filmmaker, facilitator and sometimes a muse. She co-directed the documentary DIE ZUKUNFT IST BESSER ALS IHR RUF (the future is better than its reputation) and is the founder of "art of co". This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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Trailer - Co-Creation of Products: The Emergence of Competing Brand Subcultures
This is the trailer for my videography presentation that I will be submitting to ACR later this month.
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Philip Kotler on the importance of brand equity
What is the difference between brand equity and brand valuation? Why is it that CEOs should focus on the movement of their brand equity? How reputation relates to brand - and what the factors are that build your reputation as a company You can't compensate for poor products! Learn what the 6 handles are for managing your brand.
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Building brands together
Workshop on brand co-creation. The Institute for Branding & Corporate Communication http://www.esade.edu/research-webs/esp/brandinstitute
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What is Co-Creation?
In this video Christian Renaud, 451 Research, and John Murphy, Hitachi Vantara, discuss why co-creation is and how it applies to IoT solutions. This video is part of a series of three videos. Watch all three and visit the Co-Creation Services pages on hitachivantara.com to learn more.
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Simplicity: the Key to Building a Successful Brand
BJ Cunningham, Entrepreneur According to Amazon's Jeff Bezos, your brand is whatever people say about you when you're not in the room. So how do you ensure they're saying the right things? MeetTheBoss TV's Ben Thompson caught up with entrepreneur BJ Cunningham to find out how to win the battle for hearts and minds, and why keeping your promises is key to building a successful brand in the internet age...
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The Rise of Nike: How One Man Built a Billion-Dollar Brand
Use this link to get a free copy of Phil Knight's awesome biography from Audible, alongside a free trial: http://audible.com/businesscasual (or SMS "businesscasual" to 500500) Support me on Patreon to get early access to my future videos: https://www.patreon.com/business_casual Join me at BC's subreddit and on social media: Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/businesscasual Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/business.casual.yt Twitter: https://twitter.com/BusinessCasual0 54th video of the Behind the Business Series. #nike #swoosh Under the kind patronage of Nagabhushanam Peddi & James Gallagher.
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90 Sec Sneak Peak - Co-Creation of Products: The Emergence of Competing Brand Subcultures
Here's a little preview of what the movie will be like. If you'd like to be in it or participate please watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDalrjgnDYQ The final product will actually have people's faces and responses and in-game text conversation screen captures. Think of it like an academic documentary.
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What is Customer Co-creation explained
Customer co-creation What is customer co-creation? Customer co-creation is when the customer helps to create content for a brand. Creating content for a brand could mean tutorial videos about the company’s software, review videos or blog about the company products, written reviews of the products and/or services. Co-creation ensures that the company alone is not responsible for creating the content necessary to promote their brand and attract new customers. Their customers help them generate content which might partially alleviate the need to constantly produce content in house. Go here to join My FREE Digital Marketing Education Membership Site https://www.professorevidence.com/p/FREEMembership Go here to Become a Digital Marketing Academy Member https://www.professorevidence.com/p/DigitalMarketingAcademy Let My Marketing Agency generate leads and customers for your business. https://www.professorevidence.com/p/EvidenceMarketingSystem Go here to Learn How to build an online business. https://www.professorevidence.com/p/OnlineBusinessMentorship Go here to listen to my podcast https://digitalmarketingacademy.simplecast.fm/ Go here to watch my YouTube videos and subscribe https://www.youtube.com/evidencen Go here to read my blog https://www.professorevidence.com/blog Go here to follow me on social media Twitter: https://twitter.com/EvidenceNmedia Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EvidenceNMedia FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2567902789939140/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/evidencenmedia/ Linkedln: https://www.linkedin.com/in/evidencen/ Go here to contact me https://www.professorevidence.com/p/contact-me Go here to visit my website https://www.professorevidence.com/
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How to create a great brand name | Jonathan Bell
Ever wondered why companies like Apple, Uber and AirBnB are so easily identified in a sea of advertising? Jonathan Bell gives step-by-step advice on how to create a lasting brand name. TEDArchive presents previously unpublished talks from TED conferences. Enjoy this unedited talk by Jonathan Bell. Filmed at TEDUniversity in 2016.
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Co-creation - A Powerful Negotiation Tool with Brand Strategy and Marketing Expert Ruth Saunders
Ruth Saunders has over 25 years of experience in marketing and brand strategy. She has worked across a range of B2C and B2B industries – including FMCG, financial services, telecommunications, retail, media, travel & leisure and healthcare. Among others, she has worked as a strategy consultant at McKinsey & Co, marketer at P&G, advertising planner at Saatchi & Saatchi, and market researcher at Mars Inc. Her work includes streamlining brand portfolios, developing innovative brands from scratch, creating new brand positionings for growth, optimising the customer and brand experience, increasing marketing spend effectiveness and developing commercially actionable segmentations. Currently she is the Founder and Managing Partner at Galleon Blue and On Point where she helps clients develop, get Board buy-in to and implement innovative marketing strategies that deliver tangible business growth. Her latest book is "Marketing in the Boardroom - Winning the Hearts and Minds of the Board". Read her article here - http://media.the-ceo-magazine.com/guest/three-issues-bug-board-and-how-avoid-them
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Co Creation in the Alcoholic Beverages Industry
Final Year Marketing Assignment for Marketing Relationships and Networks
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Digital Marketing -  Digital Concept Co Creation, Part 1
Digital Marketing Specialization Master strategic marketing concepts and tools to address brand communication in a digital world. This Specialization explores several aspects of the new digital marketing environment, including topics such as digital marketing analytics, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and 3D Printing. When you complete the Digital Marketing Specialization you will have a richer understanding of the foundations of the new digital marketing landscape and acquire a new set of stories, concepts, and tools to help you digitally create, distribute, promote and price products and services. Marketing in a Digital World About this course: This course examines how digital tools, such as the Internet, smartphones, and 3D printing, are revolutionizing the world of marketing by shifting the balance of power from firms to consumers. To get certificate sibscribe at: https://www.coursera.org Course 1- Marketing in a Digital World About this course: This course examines how digital tools, such as the Internet, smartphones, and 3D printing, are revolutionizing the world of marketing by shifting the balance of power from firms to consumers. Marketing in a Digital World is one of the most popular courses on Coursera with over 150,000 Learners and is rated by Class Central as one of the Top 50 MOOCs of All Time (https://www.class-central.com/report/top-moocs/). This course is part of the iMBA offered by the University of Illinois, a flexible, fully-accredited online MBA at an incredibly competitive price. For more information, please see the Resource page in this course and onlinemba.illinois.edu.
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Brand Entertainment & Music: Value Creation for Brands - Midem 2013
Christian Cappe, Founder & CEO, Cristal Festival (France)
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Co-Creating Content
What is the most trusted information online in the age of digital disruption? User-generated content. Learn how to be a part of the CMO Summit at https://gdssummits.com/cmo/ Marketing thought leaders discuss the challenges and rewards of co-creating content with customers.
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How does breadth of external stakeholder co-creation influence innovation performance?
Find the full article at: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0148296318301565
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The Influence of CoCreation on Consumers
How has the CoCreation Lab Series impacted Millennial and Baby Boomer brand loyalty? Watch two consumers describe their feelings and experiences on CoCreation with our customer - CoCreate Wisconsin.
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Co-Creation: How We as Co-Creators Manipulate Our Illusory Reality
Co-creation implies that although we create our own reality, other co-creators have a hand in it too. Co-creation is each person on Earth doing their bit at co-creating reality. 'The Unified Field' - an energetic soup in which our consciousnesses exist and interact with, creating what we perceive as earthly life. You could describe the energetic unified field as 'god' or the creation, the very consciousness of the universe that is all that there is. So how do we really alter and manipulate this energetic illusion that we call reality? And if reality is an illusion, how is it that other people can influence and change our own reality? Article version of this video is available here: http://www.spiritual-awakening.net/2015/07/co-creation-how-we-as-co-creators.html SUBSCRIBE to this spiritual channel by clicking 'subscribe' above - to receive spiritual inspiration on your journey through life. Visit: http://www.spiritual-awakening.net because we are raising the mass vibration with spiritual information. http://www.nickysutton.com for Nicky Sutton's personal blog. Get updates, spiritual inspiration and memes on social media. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/spiritual.awakening.net Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/spiritawakening Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpiritAwakenNet Google+: http://www.google.com/+SpiritualawakeningNetplus Raising the vibration through mass meditation: http://www.globalunitymeditation.com **Support this channel with Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/NickySutton Subscribe to my GUIDED MEDITATION channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2LASUo1Omgk1pLkGQ01cjg?sub_confirmation=1
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Co-creation - Harris Interactive & McDonalds
A programme of concept co-creation for Happy Meal in France, involving clients and consumers - showing the key phases of a co-creation project with Harris Interactive.
What is Co-branding ?
Co-branding can be defined as the practice of using the established brand names of two different companies on the same product. visit: http://b2bwhiteboard.com
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The Co-Creation Lab Series
The Co-Creation Lab Series is designed to align your brand with unmet consumer needs while also improving operational performance. Rather than using legacy research tactics such as focus groups, market research, and opinion surveys to identify brand opportunities, the Co-Creation Lab Series instead crafts custom experiences that enable your brand to engage with consumers in your marketplace.
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The marketing industry is highly dynamic and marketers are challenged all the time to come up with creative ways to increase brand awareness, market share and sales. It is thus crucial to keep up with new marketing concepts and strategies developed over time and this is where New Wave Marketing comes in. According to Hermawan Kartajaya, a highly regarded marketing guru from Asia – Indonesia, the famous nine principles of marketing, as we all have learned to know and applied in our marketing strategies, need to be revised and adapt to the modern world today and these new principles will be known as New Wave Marketing. Whether or not they will actually replaced the old terms from now on has not been announced. The new elements or principles has now been termed the 12 C of “New Wave Marketing” and they are: 1. Communitization, 2. Confirming, 3. Clarifying, 4. Coding, 5. Co-Creation, 6. Currency, 7.Communal Activation, 8. Conversation, 9. Commercialization, 10. Character, 11. Caring, 12. Collaboration *http://milesonmedia.com Our group will explain about 4 C which is Co-Creation, Currency, Communal Activation and Conversation) We are from Syndicate -2 ENEMBA-4 School of Business and Management Institut Teknologi Bandung 1. Okky Intan Rakhmani (29318324) 2. Joifadi (29318457) 3. Randi Arfanda Reza (29318442) 4. Data Preharsa (29318313) 5. Muhammad Aditya Ramadhan (29318359) 6. Muhammad Iqbal Ikhzamahendra (29318466) 7. Untung Basuki (29117073) Enjoy our video guys Thankyou for watching
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D3 2016: Powerful co-creation with Unilever
FangJun, CMI Director for Unilever in North Asia and Irene Joshy from TNS discuss a project to develop a digital campaign for Unilever that connected with young Chinese consumers. They were speaking as part of TNS D3 2016: Delivering Impact in a Connected World, a summit exploring the opportunities and challenges that digitalisation presents, held in Bangkok in March 2016. In the session, FangJun and Irene talk through ThinkTank, an online community designed to enable connect creation that connects with the target audience. This is a shortened version of the presentation. To find out more about content incubation strategies in a digital world, or to register interest in future D3 events, please do get in touch by contacting [email protected]
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Inside the Brand Ep7: CoCreation Lab Series™
See how the CoCreation Lab Series™ is engaging consumers and empowering employees on this weeks episode of Inside the Brand.
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Co-creating brands with stakeholders (Majken Schultz at IE)
Chat on Co-creation of Brands between Majken Schultz (Professor at Copenhagen Business School) and Daniele Tagliavia (Master in Corporate Communication Student). Majken Schultz lectured at IE on February 4, 2013, on "Co-creating Brands with Stakeholders: Benefits and Risks" for the #IEComm Talks organized by IE School of Communication - IE University. http://www.ie.edu/communication
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Co-Creation: Is it the Wave of the Future?
There’s no doubt that customer feedback plays an essential role in branding and product innovation. While co-creation can be a great way to make customers feel more invested in your brand, companies must be clever in launching campaigns that promote this type of involvement. That’s where the help of a professional branding and design agency can come in handy. Lien Design is a San Diego’s company, top of the latest trends and has the knowhow to make your brand stand out no matter what type of branding campaign you are looking to create. For more details, visit http://www.liendesign.com/blog/2019/1/4/co-creation-is-it-the-wave-of-the-future
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Clear knows Co-creation
Clear is a strategic brand consultancy with offices in London, NY, Singapore and Sydney. Specialists in brand strategy and innovation, we love co-creation projects and we've been told we're rather good at them. www.clear-ideas.com Follow us: https://twitter.com/Clear_Global
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Customer Co-creation by the Numbers
Check out the latest trends on the benefits of collaborative innovation. Understand the impact of co-creation on innovation and brand engagement.
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Restaurant T.V. Co-Creating Customers
Branding Information: (Please read to the end if interested) Please read all details. Restaurant T.V. films weekly and features interviews and insights by real New Yorke restaurant owners, chefs and managers and the people who run them. This unique hospitality documentary will feature a few New York City restaurants in an effort to highlight the important roles video, social media, word of mouth and community play in the realm of branding and staying profitable in the Food & Beverage industry today. The goal: accelerate the exposure and branding for the New York City restaurant owners and employees who show up to talk with us about their menu, location and vision for their restaurants. Through interviews and conversations with ordinary people who also get an opportunity to meet the owner, ask questions, collect business cards menus and more as we uncover New York's favorite restaurants, dishes, owners and employees. A weekly series based on brand engagement, social media and story telling, audiences get a chance to meet real New Yorker business owners unscripted, discover why they came here, what their passions and dreams are, favorite things to do, eat and see in our great city all while bolstering buzz and foot-traffic for their eateries. Chefs, owners and employees are welcome come talk about your restaurants and help untapped millions to discover your business. This fun and interactive platform will challenge audiences to visit the restaurants our real New Yorkers visit, introduce themselves to specific employees, mention chef's tips and owner's stories that unlock rewards for themselves or people in their networks, our audiences will, buy gift certificates, dine at certain times and use social media to promote the restaurants you run and the people who work there. Later in the year we will offer in-house interviews to take viewers behind the scenes for adventures in a few of your New York City calorie temples with each episode jam-packed with interesting facts, fascinating back-stories, "how-to" demonstrations, tips for customers, calls to action, recipe reveals, viewer bonuses and challenges as audiences follow you and learn about the amazing dishes and people at your restaurant. Would you like to participate? Would you like a chance to talk about your restaurant? Come get on the weekly series. "Restaurant T.V." films: Tuesdays, May - June at Lincoln Square park from 1:00PM - 5:00 PM. Look for small film crew and the Restaurant T.V. logo in the small park North of P.J Clarks and West of The Smith. Please bring a business cards, menus and or any promotional material you want viewers to see. Interviews last approximately fifteen minutes to twenty-five minutes and are first come first served. Please use the sign in sheet on clip-board while interviews are in process. Restaurant Employees: Do you have something that you want to brand? Are you looking for more exposure for yourself and or your restaurant? Come join "Building the Brand T.V" and Restaurant T.V. every Tuesday in May and June! Come talk to us about your brand, let us interview you live for our web series and your business FaceBook page! Are you working on an amazing project and need more followers, PR. and branding? Come talk to us. Bring the questions you want us to ask you. Bring business cards or qr codes. Let's get you and your brand recognized. Do you have something that you want to brand? Are you looking for more exposure for yourself and or your restaurant? Come join "Building the Brand T.V" and Restaurant T.V. every Tuesday in May and June! Come talk to us about your brand, let us interview you live for our web series and your business FaceBook page! Are you working on an amazing project and need more followers, PR. and branding? Come talk to us. Bring the questions you want us to ask you. Bring business cards or qr codes. Let's get you and your brand recognized. You are absolutely welcome to broadcast your interview live from your business or personal Facebook, Instagram or Periscope pages simultaneously. Please bring your own small tripod or phone/pad holder. Thank you. Questions: call (800) 661-5773
The Co-Creation Era
The Co-Creation Movement is growing by bringing products to market faster through direct collaboration with customers.
Hitachi - Social Innovation and Co-creation
Hicham Abdessamad, President & CEO, Hitachi Consulting describes how Hitachi uses co-creation techniques to ensure all Social Innovation stakeholders are engaged in creating sustainable solutions. Our world faces a number of challenges, from climate change and pollution to population growth and urbanisation. Hitachi believes that it must help to find innovative and commercially viable solutions for these challenges. Visit https://socialinnovation.business-rep... to learn how Social Innovation is helping Hitachi improve lives across the world.
The Secret Sauce to Creating Good Content and Building Your Brand | Podcast EP. 11
Are you creating relevant, valuable and compelling content? If you can’t definitively say “Yes” to all three of those, you need to listen to this interview with Iris Chen. She’s a content creator and entrepreneur whose passion is helping other entrepreneurs find their purpose and build their brands online. Let this episode help you refine your content strategy, gauge the results and level up your content creation to take your business to new heights. For show notes and more information visit: https://tfi.media/2OH3Jld Check out Iris on Instagram: @irisychen ------------ Keep up with me and what's new on my other channels: Website - http://TomFerry.com Facebook - http://facebook.com/TomFerry Instagram - http://instagram.com/TomFerry Twitter - http://twitter.com/TomFerry Podcast - https://TomFerry.com/Podcast YouTube - http://youtube.com/CoachTomFerry
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NESCAFÉ co-creation consumers contest
What would you start with a NESCAFÉ? For our Fresh Start competition - launched in partnership with eYeka - you showed us what you would start with a NESCAFÉ. Watch our competition report now and see the winners' videos. ​ Thank you to everyone who entered! #itallstarts
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Co-Creation - Andrew Sibley, Head of Brand & Advertising, Cisco (Festival of Media 2010) Part 1
This session will reveal how you successfully "co-create" to give value to the consumer and the brand in equal measure. Andrew will show how Cisco has successfully integrated products into hit shows such as 24, with Doug expanding to show how co-creation is developing across platforms in 2010.
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Curl Care Range Co-Creation Workshop - watch how we develop our own haircare range
How do you create a world class curl care range? Blend best curly bloggers with a world-class trichologist and season with a celebrity hair stylist. Watch this space to see what we are cooking up!
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Brand expert David Midgley: invite people into your brand
David Midgley provides insights from his book, 'The Innovation Manual', on what concepts such as co-creation and brand evolution from early adopter to mainstream mean for BrandYou. David is Professor of Marketing at INSEAD, one of the world's leading and largest graduate business schools. He has over 100 publications in leading journals such as the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing and Marketing Science. His principal areas of research are innovation and strategy. His latest book is The Innovation Manual: Integrated Strategies and Practical Tools for Bringing Value Innovation to the Market (Wiley, 2008) - www.theinnovationmanual.com.
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Co-Creation at CMB
How CMB is helping brands build the future with their consumers
The Info Product Co-Creation Formula
This was a conference session titled The Info Product Co-Creation Formula from Affiliate Summit East 2010, which took place August 15-17, 2010 in New York City. Speaker: - Clay Collins, CEO, The Interactive Offer and Business Idea Session description: In this presentation I reveal the simple, step-by-step formula that my clients and I use to transform our lists' inquiries and comments into best-selling information products . Experience level: Intermediate Target audience: Affiliates/Publishers Niche/vertical: Information Products Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/affsum/8b-the-info-product-cocreation-formula Note: the companies and positions listed above were current as of the time of the conference. Some of this information may have changed since then. Get more information on Affiliate Summit at http://www.affiliatesummit.com
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What we do: Co-Creation-Lab JOSEPHS
http://www.josephs-service-manufaktur.de/en/ JOSEPHS – die Service Manufaktur is a special kind of Co-Creation-Lab in the city center of Nuremberg. It is a project of the Fraunhofer Center for Applied Research for Supply Chain Services (SCS) in cooperation with the Chair of Information Systems I at Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg. Katharina Grinjuks and Ingeborg Steinmetz explain it in more detail in this video. For even more information, just click here: http://www.josephs-service-manufaktur.de/en/ More about working at Fraunhofer IIS: http://www.iis.fraunhofer.de/en/jobs.html Proud to host #FREESCALECUP2015
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God, The Universe and Meaning... | #43 Under The Skin with Russell Brand & Brian Cox
The one we’ve been waiting for - the brilliant Professor Brian Cox discusses the possibility of intelligent life other than our own; the danger of dogma within science; and Elon Musk’s space travel plans. As well as the small matters of God, the Universe and Meaning. Strap in for this one! Subscribe and listen to my Under The Skin podcast here https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/u... Unf*ck Yourself From The Modern World with my new book Recovery Get it here in US: http://tinyurl.com/ydcwz3kd Australia: https://t.co/Ri1XSonD2X UK: http://tinyurl.com/ycs8gu6b To see me on my Re:Birth tour go to https://russellbrand.seetickets.com/tour/russell-brand/list/1/200 Please subscribe to the my channel here so you're kept up to date: http://tinyurl.com/opragcg
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Myntra Insider Fan Council - India’s most unique customer co-creation community takes life
Myntra Insider Fan council members gets first access to Blink Play- a smart hearable launched by Myntra for review.
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Co-creating brands & campaigns Smartees Webinar
Smartees Webinar hosted by InSites Consulting on November 27, 2012. Presentation by Tom De Ruyck (Head of Research Communities) on co-creating brands & campaigns.
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